Hey guys, linkedinpark hasn’t been active for the past few weeks because I’ve been tied down with schoolwork and major projects. But I’m really thankful none of you have unfollowed me.. yet. 

In the month of March however, the blog will be undergoing a major revamp(possibly a URL change).

I’ll be working with a local DJ/Photographer DJViperStar. You can check out his music at

But no, this blog won’t be posting stuff on music(happy hardcore or otherwise), we’ll be revamping the blog into a food blog (feel free to unfollow, but I really hope you don’t!)

That’s right, food blog. If you love food, we’ll be posting reviews on local Singaporean food places, reblogging food photos as well as uploading the occasional recipe or two for you to try out. Be prepared for a post that’ll whet your appetite!

If you, however would like to follow me for more personal posts, I do have a personal tumblr so you can follow that and drop me a message instead:)

I started this blog for a class assignment, and really, it’s been a wonderful 4 months with all of you here. You guys make tumblr worth hanging around. So, thanks:)

Stay tuned for more updates.. and food!

Lots of love, 


27 Feb 12 at 10 am


Biryani by WWJE on Flickr.

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Biryani by WWJE on Flickr.
27 Feb 12 at 10 am



At the time we were trying to cope with leaving the Majuli island, from our land lord together with Ł we got some snack for our long trip. Just in case we are going to be hungry in the morning. They were packets, still warm, wrapped into aromatic Torapat leafs. Preparation as I’ve been…

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What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?: Purang- Majuli cake

30 Jan 12 at 2 am

Hey, guys, I know I post A LOT of social media stuff here from time to time, but this one’s a little different:) Yes, it’s about Social Media, yes, it’s pretty long. I also wrote the article. 

Wait, whut? Some of you might go. Yes, I wrote this article. I’m a guest blogger for my school’s blog (if that doesn’t work try

Hohoho, yes. Social Media’s fun to play with. But it’s also a damned good marketing tool. We got  a bunch of Social Media experts to come down for a lecture and they were amazing:)

Do check out the article and tell me what you think here:)  

Think Social Media's for fun? Think again:)

Happy CHINESE new year people from this side of the world(and people living on the other side too!)

And oh, happy year of the dragon! Whatever that means! 

20 Jan 12 at 8 am

Fish & Co  - Peri Peri Tiger Prawns

Fish & Co  - Peri Peri Tiger Prawns